Grand Area Mentoring

Adult mentors meet with students one-on-one to encourage growth and bolster self-confidence while enjoying mutually enriching activities. Their weekly sessions may include board games, basketball, or computers. Other matches pursue crafts, reading, and talking about life. Grand Area Mentoring creates lasting and fruitful relationships using an evidence-based approach. New volunteers are trained in mentoring best practices and always supported with regular staff contact. Volunteers offer one meeting per week and receive the satisfaction of positively impacting a life forever. Grand Area Mentoring links promising youth with the best role models of southeastern Utah. As a result, mentored youth in Moab consistently outperform goals set by experts. Last year, Grand Area Mentoring students exceeded all program objectives, including:

  • 60% GPA improvement
  • 50% Increased attendance
  • 72% Social skills improvement
  • 66% Sustained matches for more than 12 months

Until every child who needs a mentor has one, and until the next generation enjoys a healthy supply of natural mentors, Grand Area Mentoring will fill this gap. Please join us in this mission as a volunteer or as a program supporter. Email or call 435-260-9646.