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VISTAs MLK Day 2016

Are you a volunteer manager at a nonprofit organization? Want to improve your organization’s capacity to recruit and use volunteers? Starting a new volunteer program?

The Utah Nonprofits Association holds multiple training sessions each year for nonprofit organizations. We highly recommend UNA’s two-day Volunteer Management course for anyone who works with volunteers. Check out their website for dates, locations, and more information:

For more immediate help, here is a list of online resources that may be useful:

Building and Improving Organizational Capacity

Recruiting Volunteers

  • From the Nonprofit Technology Network: Using Social Media to Engage, Inform and Recruit
    • Read this brief article for an overview of how to engage supporters of your organization through social media. You can also learn more about using social media at your nonprofit in general on this website.
  • On Pinterest: Recruiting
    • This Pinterest board includes links to some great volunteer recruitment and retention ideas from various sources.

Managing and Sustaining Volunteers

  • From Coyote Communications: The Value of Volunteers
    • Read about the value volunteers bring to your organization. This resources includes some helpful points to consider when crafting volunteer position descriptions.
  • From the RGK Center for Philanthropy & Community Service: Strategic Volunteer Engagement
    • In this report, become familiar with a strategic framework for engaging volunteers in the mission-critical work of organizations.
  • From AmeriCorps VISTA: Sustaining Volunteer Involvement
    • View this webinar to learn about strategies for keeping volunteers engaged in your project, including how to provide volunteers with the tools and resources they need, ways to monitor volunteer activities, and planning for transitions.
  • From the Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance: Managing Volunteers (Balancing Risk and Reward)
    • Explore the role of risk and liability in volunteer recruitment, screening and selection. Learn about training, supervision and discipline of volunteers. This document also gives a brief explanation of volunteer liability and types of coverage available.
  • Nonprofit Risk Management Center
    • Review this selection of free risk management information to inform your policies and practices for coping with uncertainty and risk associated with volunteers at your organization.

Multiple Topics

  • From Energize, Inc: Volunteer Management Resource Library
    • Visit this trusted site for resources covering many aspects of volunteer programming. Search a bast collection of articles by skill area, volunteer types, and volunteer setting.
  • From AmeriCorps VISTA: Troubleshooting Volunteer Mobilization
    • The nonprofit and public agency branch of the federal government’s service organization offers advice on a variety of volunteer mobilization topics.